Days ago. Stock analysis for Bolsa de Valores de Colombia BVCBolsa Colomb. also known as BVC, is the principal stock exchange of Colombia. Dec 27, 2010. Colombia's main stock market said Monday it will extend its trading sessions by three hours in the new year to coincide with New York's closing. Colombian Stock Exchange Hours Bolsa de Valores de Colombia, Un país todos los valores. STOCKS. STOCKS. Stocks. Volume. 16.077.980.632,20. Market Open. Delay 15 minutes. The most. Tokyo Stock Exchange 2016 Holidays Mar 22, 2016. The Colombia Stock Exchange CSE, known in Spanish as the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia BVC, was formed in 2001 from a union of.

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Exchange entity, Bolsa de Valores de Colombia BVC. Conducts business in, Colombia. Number of listed companies 10/15, WFE, 73. Domestic market. The trading hours for the spot market, Repos, Colombian Global Market and Securities Lending TTV with the exception of the closure of the Securities lending. Jan 31, 2012. The stock exchange is changing its opening hours in order to harmonize with the markets of Peru and Chile, with which the BVC has an.

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