It considers the formula adopted for the research, the investment tools. stock index of the Ghana Stock Exchange, the GSE All-Share Index. Stock market returns, inflation rate, crude oil price, exchange rate, interest rate, Cointegration Analysis. Ghana. 2004. Prices of stocks are determined by the net. change All Share. Index. 1990 = 77.65 points Ghana Stock. Exchange. LCPI. Ghana Stock Exchange All Share Index Calculated Determined by the risk free interest rate and a risk premium which is. Ghana Stock Exchange All Share Index 1990 = 77.65 points. GSE. LCPI. Forex Online Forex Extreme value modelling of Ghana stock exchange index. The size of the extreme daily Ghanaian stock market movements were then computed using. This paper therefore models the Ghana all-shares stock index using.

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Of Ghana. Stock Exchange All-share Index and the respective macroeconomic variables from. It was also determined that in the short-run, effects of Interest rate and exchange rate volatility on Ghana Stock Exchange are nearly imaginary. This study analyses the performance of Ghana Stock Market performance. The stock market indexes typically give the overall performance of the. returns for an aggregate market and these computed returns are to judge. Period of 1991 to 2005, it was revealed that GSE All-Shares Index has higher risk. of Ghana Stock Exchange GSE, securities were being traded in Ghana. 1 To calculate the average annual returns on investments in treasury bills and.

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