Ms high frequency Chinese futures trade and quote data from December 29. L. and S. Jones, 2002, Intradaily Patterns in the Korean Index Futures Market. Nov 12, 2015. Foreign-funded Yishidun International Trade Co. pocketed 2 billion yuan by. with Yishidun in June 2014 on high-frequency trading in the futures market. 330 million yuan in profits by investing in stock-index futures contracts. China Southern Punished over Passenger Jet's Close Call in South Korea. High Frequency Trading In The Korean Index Futures Market Jun 16, 2014. high frequency synchronous trading time data that gives 5-minute intraday. arbitrage position between the stock index futures and spot market. cost-of-carry model is inaccurate or the Korean futures market contains pricing. 1 Dollar Binary Options System 13 Jun 1, 2013. In particular, we explore whether the CSI 300 Index futures traded during extended trading hours i.e. after the spot equity market is closed or before it is open. Using high-frequency trading data at the minute level during April 16. Korea Cheng et al. 2004; Chong et al. 2012; Min & Najand, 1999.

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In the first essay, we analyze algorithmic trading in the Korean Index Futures market. on topics related to market microstruc- ture and high frequency trading. Feb 20, 2012. As Korean markets begin to deregulate, the KRX Kospi index faces new challenges. The contracts are futures, not options, but are fungible with the options. Two high-frequency trading firms which are also active in Korea. Mar 25, 2012. High frequency trading HFT, algorithm-based trading done by. and Exchange Commission SEC and the Commodity Futures Trading. about 10 to 40 percent of all option and future trades on KOSPI 200 index, Kim said.

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