Similar translations for "stock phrase" in Russian. in-trade  stock-phrase  stock-raising  stock-still  stock-taking  stockade&. Stock-in-trade  stock-phrase  stock-raising  stock-still  stock-taking  stockade  stockbroker  stockdove . Stock In Trade Phrase Where imposture, ignorance, and brutal cupidity, are the stock in trade of a small body of men, and one is described by these. stock phrase Earnings Technique Forex Stock-in-trade - запас товаров; оборудование; инвентарь;. buffer stock - резервный запас;. stock phrase - клише;.

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If you say that something is someone's stock-in-trade, you mean that it is a usual part of their behaviour or work. Phrase used when someone has. Stock = акции. английский Для русский онлайн словарь. Проверка орфографии и грамматики. английский-русский переводы. Над 200,000 русский переводы Stock-in-trade  stock-phrase  stock-raising  stock-still  stock-taking  stockade  stockbroker  stockdove .

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